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Innovate, Transform, Thrive: Acmo Network’s Tech Solutions Reshaping Industries 

Kashmir [India]: Acmo Network Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the tech industry, is thrilled to unveil an expansive suite of services designed to catalyse digital transformation and drive success across diverse sectors. The services provided by Acmo Network yield quantifiable results for businesses across various industries. Their solutions offer natural and long-lasting advantages, from improved client experiences and increased market competitiveness to operational efficiency and cost reductions. 

“With a team of skilled professionals well-versed in the latest technologies, we ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions. Following the innovative approach will keep our clients ahead of the curve. Moreover, our client-centric approach involves close collaboration to understand the unique business requirements of our clients, thereby aligning solutions with their specific goals and objectives,” said Davood Wani, CEO of Acmo Network. 

Recognised by DPIIT/DIPP as an accredited startup, Acmo Network proudly stands as the only company from Jammu and Kashmir showcased on the prestigious Startup India platform. Noteworthy achievements include securing a position among the top 5 finalists nationwide in the Innovate for an Accessible India awards by Nasscom and Microsoft. In the Agency of the Year competition 2022 hosted by Ad World Master, Acmo Network earned the Bronze title with an impressive score of 8.6, a testament to their commitment, creativity, and outstanding advertising campaigns. Besides all this, Acmo Network showcased corporate responsibility by offering its School Management System, Acmoschool, free of charge during the COVID-19 lockdown, ensuring the continuity of education. 

Core Services 

Renowned for its skilled professionals and forward-thinking strategies, Acmo Network is a trustworthy provider of top-tier services tailored to businesses. The company excels in web and mobile app services, offering bespoke solutions that enhance web development and streamline mobile app development for both Android and iOS platforms. Their commitment to optimising online presence, brand credibility, and user experience is evident in their custom solutions and proactive web maintenance for optimal performance. 

Acmo Network highly values visual communication in branding and graphic services. Their creative team specialises in Logo Design, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, and Banner Design, ensuring that each client’s identity is distinct and aligned with their unique needs and overarching brand strategy. 

Acmo Network leads digital marketing by offering tailored SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing solutions. Their data-driven strategies and holistic approach guarantee optimal campaign effectiveness. The company emphasises continuous real-time optimisation and customisation, underscoring its dedication to a personalised and practical approach in the dynamic digital landscape. 

As a versatile provider of custom development services, Acmo Network tailors solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing processes, optimising efficiency and addressing specific business challenges. Their holistic approach involves aligning IT with business objectives, delivering high-quality software, enhancing customer interactions, and tackling legacy system challenges. Acmo Network prioritises user-friendly UI/UX throughout these services to ensure positive and engaging experiences for their clients. 

Assets Of Acmo Network


Acmoschool is a robust School Management System designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency in educational institutions. Its user-friendly interface and feature-rich modules, including attendance tracking and grade management, ensure a seamless learning experience. During the critical period of COVID-19, the company supported educational institutions by offering this cutting-edge solution free of charge. 

Its centralised platform fosters enhanced communication among stakeholders, while the system excels in student performance tracking, enabling educators to tailor instruction for improved academic outcomes. Acmoschool revolutionises school management, optimising processes and communication and providing advanced tools for comprehensive student performance tracking, creating an efficient, collaborative, and student-focused educational ecosystem. 

Acmosuite – Accounting, Inventory, and Human Resource Solutions 

Acmosuite is a suite of solutions that includes Accounting, Inventory, and Human Resource modules, offering a holistic approach to business management. From financial tracking to HR management, Acmosuite ensures organisations have the tools to thrive. Its benefits include simplified financial management, efficient inventory tracking, and streamlined HR processes.


Acmopeople, the Human Resource Management (HRM) software by Acmo Network, delivers a comprehensive solution for managing HR processes from recruitment to employee performance tracking. This streamlined software simplifies HR tasks, allowing organisations to prioritise their most valuable asset – their people. With benefits ranging from simplified recruitment and onboarding processes to improved employee performance tracking and enhanced HR analytics and reporting, Acmopeople is an essential tool for organisations seeking to optimise their workforce management, ensuring efficiency and informed decision-making throughout the HR lifecycle. 


A government-sponsored project for an IoT-based platform, Acmobridge aims to address issues related to skills, livelihood, privacy, mobility, and entertainment of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs). Acmobridge was among the top 5 finalists throughout India in the “Innovate for an Accessible India” awards by Nasscom and Microsoft. Acmobridge is a Quadrinorm Unified Control Bridge that is a solution for users who use wheelchairs to help them gain control over their surroundings and increase their QoL. The solution provides mobile apps to users that they install on their phones and optional hardware add-ons for device compatibility. The app will get modular remotes that users can download for the devices that require control. By doing so, the quality of life of quadriplegic patients will improve as they will be less dependent on others. 

About Acmo Network 

Dynamic IT firm Acmo Network is committed to offering cutting-edge technologies that enable companies to prosper in the digital economy. Acmo Network was founded to turn concepts into reality, and since then, it has continuously provided creative, scalable solutions tailored to each client’s particular requirements.

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