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WAE announces expansion plans in India

Water, Air & Energy Limited, a leading provider of revolutionary products in water and wastewater management, known for its IoT-based water monitoring technologies to promote viable economic growth for resourceful water on a global scale, is set to expand its business prospects in the Indian market.

The company offers various innovative products – bottle-filling stations, drinking water fountains, water coolers and chillers, water dispensers and in-situ drinking water stations. Incorporated with state-of-the-art technologies, the bespoke products and purification systems have omnipotent customization available for its premium users in terms of size personalisation, storage capacity, overall look and feel.

WAE seeks to equip various companies and businesses with modern tools for sustainable consumption and distribution of water-based resources. The services of the company include installation, retrofitting, and complete refurbishing for their clients. The interior components include – IoT-based Smart Water Quality Monitoring, Casings with a stainless steel finish, Bioplastic tube, Tanks that are made up of SS 304 & Refrigerant systems with a metallic finish.

Commenting on the launch, Anupam V Joshi, Founder and Managing Director at WAE said, “Having perpetually invested in curating sustainable products & solutions that encourage holistic living and wellness, we at WAE have equipped our water purification systems with modern tools for sustainable consumption and distribution of water-based resources, ensuring that only the highest quality drinking water is made available at every instance, providing world-class services for our businesses with the confidence of purity and complete health.”

The company uses a series of patented and revolutionary technologies to realise its vision of sustainable development. The technology is tried and tested and manages to get the water purified up to 99.9999% pure and bacteria-free.

“We’re elated to build on our existing partnership and take this new advanced water purification system to users on a global scale. We believe that this new offering will complement our efforts to provide holistic solutions for health and wellness to an expanding set of businesses across regions,” Anupam further added.

The company has also been the recipient of many prestigious titles and awards, including the coveted CII-ITC Sustainability Awards for Significant Achievement in Environmental Management and The Economic Times Champions Of Sustainable Solutions.

“With our efforts and revolutionary products, we’re proud to have extricated 83 million litres of water, eradicated 600,000 plastic water jar bottles, and eliminated 33,35,354 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide,” Anupam concludes.

The company has already partnered and collaborated with several high-end projects – IITs, IIMs like SHIV NADAR, metro-centric projects and international airports like Airports Authority of India, Airports at Port Blair, Srinagar, Leh, Hubbali, Bhuj, Goa, Vijayawada, Agra, Madurai, Dehradun; Bangalore International Airport Limited; Adani Lucknow International Airport Limited; Delhi International Airport Limited. WAE continues to make significant strides to come up with new air & water-based products with efficient services to establish all major sustainable development goals and to holistically create a viable ecosystem.

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