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The Champion of Digital Marketing Who Generates 15 Lakhs of Business for a Startup

Chandigarh : In this digital era, if anybody picks Internet space for business or profession it could be ordinary. However, the real achievement is when someone consorts humongous business for a startup and set a benchmark.

Every individual has their share of highs and lows. Yet the real champion is the one who turns around the table and craft golden opportunities to groom one’s skillsets. Here let’s talk around one of the most effervescent personage of Digital marketing called Mohd Asim Khan and his incredible attainments and achievements in this industry.

Mohd Asim Khan crafted his career path from engineer to digital marketer and reached the pinnacle of success at every young age. Coming from a small town in Uttar Pradesh to Chandigarh to discover his right call, who would have thought that he will embark on a firm footprint in the digital marketing industry! The facade of this market seems to be blurry then, yet the passion and urge to achieve something immense kept ignited within him. He believes in being an optimistic player by evaluating the root cause of the pain point and providing the best marketing solutions.

This positive and enthusiastic attitude has led him to have two successful startups of his own. Some of his specialties include management strategy, operations department, client’s relation, brand strategy organizational design and marketing, growth consultant for brands, and help them use the internet to increase profitability and their overall bottom lines.

However, the journey towards the successful digital arena was not as smooth as it seems from outside. His struggles and scuffle gave a quick glance to the reality of failure and a chance to tweak his business strategies. Whirling from engineer to marketer cannot be possible without a passion and purpose. His drive to grow in the digital industry started by joining a company as a digital marketing specialist. And from there he never looked back.

Recently, one of the prevalent accomplishment is to generate a business of 15 lakhs rupees for a startup. He secured internet based life reasoning and opened doors for brands to portray how to become a bona fide brand in web-based life and generate ROI. Mohd Asim Khan key mantra to building a brand is “stay unique to stay in the game”.

Mohd Asim Khan career life is no less than a roller coaster ride where he learns, earns, and yearn to create a path of success and satisfaction. In summing up, this is a sort of example of overcoming adversity of Mohd Asim Khan who motivates every Indian business person, marketing experts, specialists, Online Marketers, and Students to proliferate. He is brought into the world with intermingling abilities which he fortifies and revives each jiffy.

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