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Spixel under the leadership of Saurav Kumar is reaching significant heights in the world of UI/UX and Graphic Design

Meet Saurav Kumar, a young and talented entrepreneur, who has set a benchmark in the world of UI/UX. Having a passion for creativity from the beginning, he studied graphics and economics before founding his company Spixel. Let’s dive into his interesting journey from being a passionate individual to a founder.

How did it start?

Saurav Kumar has always had a knack for designs and creativity. He did his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, and Master’s degree in the same subject from IGNOU that proved to have a huge role in his career. The subject helped him acknowledge the business world and its working. While he was a college student, he recognised his hidden desire for business and startups.

How did Saurav Kumar learn the appropriate skills?      

After recognising his desire for startups, the second step to achieve his goal was to enhance his skills in order to serve client needs. Saurav Kumar took part in training at Educonf Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in Patna to enhance his skills in graphics, web design, and animation. Additionally, he also sharpened his skills as a UX Designer and obtained certificates in the same field from Google and Coursera. His skills as a designer is constantly evolving giving him regular benefits in his professional career.

Saurav Kumar’s inspiring journey from a UI/UX designer to a founder

To gain prominent experience in the industry, he worked with Bobis Entertainment Private Limited as a UI/UX and Graphic Designer. Additionally, he sharpened his skills as a UX Designer and obtained a certificate in the same field from Google and Coursera. He was instrumental in creating several websites, applications, and admin user interfaces during his time there. Individually, he served a wide variety of clients from local to international. His portfolio demonstrates an outstanding set of projects including logo designs, banners, social media graphics and comprehensive branding solutions for businesses of all sizes. He’s well equipped with advanced tools and software such as Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD .

After getting a significant exposure, it was time for him to build something of his own. This embarked his journey of being an entrepreneur and Spixel was founded in January 2022. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Saurav Kumar has proved to be a visionary, as his company has achieved exceptional heights in such a short period establishing Spixel as one of the top companies in the software development industry in today’s age.

How is Spixel making a difference in the industry?

Spixel has established itself as a global leader in providing major enterprises, SMEs, and startups with cutting-edge digital, online, and mobile solutions. Its strong dedication to fusing technological know-how with design thinking, which will alter how organisations run, is what sets it apart from the competition.

The company excels at designing customised user interface/user experience (UI/UX) designs, brand identities, presentations, illustrations, and other visual elements of goods. They have left their imprint on the development of artificial intelligence (AI). Spixel India uses its expertise in AI and advanced analytics to revolutionise business processes for organisations.

In order to satisfy various digital requirements, they also provide a wide range of services spanning more than 100 categories. Some of these include SEO, web design, graphic design, mobile app development, and PHP programming. Till date, they have worked in 350 projects and have earned the trust of over 50 clients.

How does the brand stand out in the competitive market?

With a team of 25 highly skilled professionals, Spixel possesses a talented workforce that is deeply committed to the company’s core values. Their exceptional skills and expertise drive the success of the company and contribute to its outstanding reputation in the industry.

The company prioritises its clients’ needs and expectations by using a client-oriented strategy. The organisation makes sure that its digital solutions are creative, effective, and tailored to match the needs of each business by putting a strong emphasis on producing high-quality outcomes. Spixel stands out due to its client-centred philosophy, which makes it the company to turn to when businesses want digital solutions.

This brand is exceptional because of its professional workforce, basic principles, and customer-focused philosophy. The organization’s reputation and performance in the sector have been boosted by its dedication to quality and capacity for providing specialised, cutting-edge digital solutions.

How Saurav Kumar is inspiring the youth?

The young achiever is a true-blue definition of a “leader” and has bagged several prestigious awards. In 2021, He earned recognition as a Youth Ambassador at the Bharat Heritage Olympiad, organized by Let’s Inspire Bihar. Besides, his leadership was appreciated by Arco Projects Private Limited back in 2018. In the year 2019, Saurav Kumar demonstrated his exceptional problem-solving abilities by participating in the Creative Problem Solver Challenge organized by Biada, a government organization focused on real estate. Through his achievements, he is inspiring the young generations to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance on unconventional career paths like entrepreneurship which may yield better results in the future.

Saurav Kumar’s drive has established himself as a role model for the younger generation. He has risen to the pinnacle of his business because to his unwavering commitment and talent for design. His business is consistently innovating digital experiences and rising to impressive heights in the industry.


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