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Introducing Vridhi: The Innovative Community Housing App Disrupting the Market

Experience a New Path to Affordable Property Ownership

Vridhi, derived from the Hindi word meaning “surplus,” offers unique investment opportunities that are sure to grab your attention.

One standout feature of Vridhi is its Real Estate Tokens option. In recent times, the Indian real estate market has faced challenges like high inflation and unsold inventory. Vridhi steps in to provide a solution. The app features over 300 fully furnished properties, and users can purchase tokens for their desired property. Each property is divided into specific tokens, and once all tokens are sold, a live lottery announcement and lucky draw take place. The winning token determines the recipient of the flat. This option provides an exciting chance to become a real estate owner and potentially generate substantial returns, despite the associated risks. Token prices start at INR 8,000 + GST.

Vridhi’s founder, Mr. Akash Sharma, explains that this strategy falls under the category of market disruption technology. In fact, Vridhi has a non-disclosure agreement in place with a foreign business partner for the app’s digital engineering. The initial selection of apartments featured on the app is located in the Pacific Mall neighborhood in Dehradun, and Vridhi is proudly supported by HUDCO (Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd) & MDDA (Mussooriee Dehradun Development Authority).

A user expressed their enthusiasm for the Real Estate Tokens option, saying, “I’ve always wanted to own a piece of property, and Vridhi’s innovative approach makes it possible.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Join the growing number of investors who choose as their platform for pursuing homeownership. Vridhi stands as a genuine game-changer in the Real Estate FinTech industry, offering exclusive chances to secure a home.

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