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ICCI’s flagship initiative GIC23 is expecting new investment and trade opportunities worth Rs 250bn from global market

“ICCI (Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industries) has invited business participants, government agencies and ministries from 10 different countries of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Delegation will participate with the intention of exploring opportunities through investment in businesses, joint ventures, OEM partnerships, participation in PPP model projects, acquisitions and mergers.”

As per Rishabh Malhotra, Vice-Chairman, ICCI, their mission is to help businesses around the world. They invite all investors and companies to come together under one roof to invest in a variety of industries through joint ventures and turn the programs into real successes.

ICCI is making a significant contribution in formation of new generation businesses with a fresh mindset and desire to boost global economy. ICCI has been active in influencing business delegation to multiple counties with purpose of economical growth.

During this initiative, ICCI (Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industries), is visioned to bring 250 billion new revenue. GIC23 will be a 5 day program. Throughout these five days, participant businesses will participate in 2 compete days golf tournament, Multiple MoU Signing, close interaction between International Delegations from 10 countries, presentations and discussions with state and central Govt. Agencies, presence of global media, Round Table Discussion with large-size Indian businesses, GIC23 will bring 1000 leading Indian business houses including traders, manufacturers, industrial associations, bankers, bureaucrats to these participant delegates, GIC23 will engage businesses through Joint Ventures, OEM partnerships, mergers, trade exchange.

Multiple countries will participate from different part of world with vision to seek opportunities in sectors like:

Agricultural & Forestry, Auto Component, Automobile, Aviation, BFSI, Biotechnology, Capital Goods, Chemicals, Construction, Defense Manufacturing, Electronics, Food Processing, Healthcare, IT, Leather, Media, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Railways, Renewable Energy, Telecom, Retail, E-Commerce, Road & Highways, Textile & Apparel, Tourism & Hospitality.

ICCI Participants

  • Government
  • Minister of Finance and Minister of Commerce and Industry 
  • Government Agencies – Project Heads / Directors, Bureaucrats, Policy Makers

ICCI Industries

  • Business Associations
  • Global Business Leaders, Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO, Decision Makers, 
  • Investors
  • Diversified Opportunity Seekers      

ICCI has proposed a 5-day program as follows:

Day 1, February 15, B2G Meetings, Delhi

  • The close interaction of participant delegation with the global delegations of other countries, Industry Ministers, State Ministers, Bureaucrats, Cabinet Minister, and other government agencies
  • Participation in Business to Government Program 
  • Presentation to government institutions
  • Close interaction with government agencies, State and Cabinet ministers

Day 2& Day 3, February 16 & February 17, Golf Tournament, Delhi

  • Networking breakfast& dinner with Indian Traders, Trade Associations 
  • Participation in Golf Tournament
  • Awards to participant businesses
  • Breakfast and Dinner for Networking with Indian Service Industry players, Business Associations

Day 4, February 18, Delhi, B2B Meetings

  • Networking breakfast& dinner with Indian manufacturers
  • Agenda-based discussion on Investments, Joint Ventures, Expansion in the Country, Establishing Business Units, OEM Partnerships, Mergers 
  • MoU signings
  • Networking breakfast and dinner with selected participants

Day 5, February 19, Delhi

  • Networking breakfast and dinner with potential selected businesses, government agencies
  • Heritage walk or Industrial Park visit 

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